Password manager showdown at iMore

If you are not using a password manager, you should be.  iMore has a mostly-decent review of three of the leading contenders: LastPass1, 1Password, and mSecure.

I say “mostly-decent”, because it’s clear from the beginning which password manager they want to choose as the best.  The most glaring example is declaring a tie between LastPass and 1Password for browser support, even though 1Password doesn’t support Internet Explorer, which still accounts for 30%+ of internet usage.

Password management should not be elitist – even if your browser sucks (which Internet Explorer version 8 and below do, without question), the internet community has a vested interest in you having a secure password manager.  Arguably, version 9 is acceptable, and version 10 is shaping up to be a worthy, standards-based, competitor in the browser market.  Continuing to ignore it is simply…ignorant.

  1. I use this, and it’s my personal favorite.  I’ve used SplashID and eWallet in the past, and I tried DashLane recently.

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