Starbucks getting Squared

The credit card point-of-sale processing market needs to be disrupted, and Square getting into Starbucks is a great step in that direction as an inexpensive, professional alternative.  Currently, the options are to use a traditional bank service (whether a web service or a card-swipe machine) or PayPal.  For a company that just needs to accept credit cards occasionally, a traditional bank service and its gateway access fees are overkill and a waste of money.  PayPal is just unprofessional.  For retail vendors operating on small margins (I’m looking at you, Arlington Food Trucks), a traditional bank service eats up a lot of would-be profit, and PayPal isn’t an option.

Of course, this may be much ado about nothing – as Dan Frommer notes:

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently left Groupon’s board, and just joined Square’s.

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