Because Jobs said so

John Gruber and Dan Frommer list a number of good reasons why Apple did not release the iPad mini first, but they neglect the number one reason: because Steve Jobs didn’t want to.

Gruber suggests Jobs was badmouthing the Samsung Galaxy Tab and not smaller tablets in general.  I think Jobs was pretty clear:

Apple has done extensive user testing on user interfaces over many years, and we really understand this stuff. There are clear limits of how close you can physically place elements on a touchscreen before users cannot reliably tap, flick or pinch them. This is one of the key reasons we think the 10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps.

Jobs misjudged a nonexistent market as he was leading the charge to create it – nobody could realistically fault him for that.  But I believe that history will show that he was, in fact, wrong about the minimum size required for a tablet.  The iPad mini is fantastic – I picked up the 32GB model on Friday (black, natch), and I have already sold my iPad 2.

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