HuffingtonPost: We drop 300 tweets per day

Dean Praetorious:

HuffPo determined that user interaction with its tweets plateaus around the five-minute mark, so that’s how frequently the main account posts on Twitter.

“We know we’re not losing followers as a result of how much we tweet,” he said. “We’re not tweeting so often that people aren’t engaging with our tweets.”

I want to believe this guy, both because he’s from my alma mater, and because I inherently trust anyone with a diphthong in their name, but there’s no way tweeting that much fails to cost you readers.  I would imagine the sheer volume repels readers who want to establish a connection with the site and attracts readers who are looking for a hot issue in which to insert their opinion via the comments or reposting.1

So, perhaps Dean means that “HuffPo” just doesn’t mind that this is the impact that rapid-fire tweeting has on its readership.  I’ll buy that.

  1. And thereby driving page views.

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