Ship when ready applies to software, too

Apple seems to be forgetting one of its core principles and something that has helped them distinguish themselves from the teeming hordes of would-be Apple killers – announce products when they are ready, not when marketing tells you to.

First, there was Siri (admittedly announced and released as a beta product).  Next was Maps, which may have been the final nail in Scott Forstall’s coffin (via Daring Fireball).  Next, Apple pushed the release date of iTunes 11 to November, after promising it in October during the iPhone 5 announcement event.  Now, 9-to-5 Mac reports that LTE iPad minis are being delayed.

It could be that supply constraints caused by the Wifi iPad mini launch are to blame.  There is no questioning Apple’s prowess in the hardware arena.  However, Apple is sucking with unexpected regularity on the software side.1  There is no explanation for the Maps issues and the iTunes 11 slippage, other than that Apple announced products that were not ready.

This all feels very un-Apple-y.

  1. I didn’t even mention MobileMe’s launch problems.

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