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MG Siegler:

Yes, I love almost all Apple products and the iPad (and now iPad mini) in particular. May a thousand “BIASED!!!” comments bloom in the cesspit below this post — I’ll give you plenty of fertilizer. But at the end of the day the fact remains that if I rip apart a product that’s actually good, that looks bad on me. My aim is simply to point out what I believe to be the best products. In recent years, in my view, those have been Apple products. But that hasn’t always been the case. And that won’t always be the case.

But then toward the end:

Look, the Surface is not as awful as I’m making it sound.  But in no way is it good.

Is this consistent?  Of course, he’ll say, because the product isn’t good, and that’s all he committed to distinguishing between.  But that’s not the test.  Journalistic integrity is not dividing products between “good” and “bad”, and then making the “bad” sound unusable in your review.  It’s accurately representing the product.1

Siegler seems to want it both ways – to be viewed as unbiased, yet able to unjustly trash a product beyond its faults.  Now, I have no idea what in his review is real and is hyperbole.  So I have to file the entire article right next to Siegler’s Surface.
  1. I’ll add that I agree with Ben Brooks, that a review should have an opinion in it, too.

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