Goose and gander

Jakob Nielson wrote a pretty scathing review of Windows 8, based on real-world usability tests.  At the end, he included a disclaimer to preemptively refute the “you’re just a fanboy” comments that would inevitably follow.  John Gruber’s commentary on this?

[I]t sounds defensive to include this disclaimer.

I’m sure he has a similar post in the wings ready to chastise MG Siegler’s similar disclaimer in his much less unbiased Windows Surface review.

There is developing a blue wall of influential tech writers, and it’s a bit disturbing.  They all appear to be very insightful and articulate individuals, but a too-large number of their posts seem to serve simply to pat each other on the back.

Having a group of individuals you can trust is important, and you should give deference to those who have proven themselves over time.  But treat all writers impartially and watch out when you take down someone not in the inner circle for some ticky-tack offense that one of your cohorts has likely committed as well.

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