The Magazine’s success

Marco Arment, on the success of his publishing venture, The Magazine:

The Magazine works because I based decisions not on what everyone else was doing, but on what would be best for this magazine. Every publication has its own unique needs, audience, economics, and style, so their apps should reflect that.

The Magazine “works” because Arment has an identified market of 400,000+1 discriminating buyers who have proven that they are willing to pay for content, and the content is written mostly by fellow Blue Wall bloggers who are similarly well-known to that same group of buyers.

Kudos to Arment for identifying this opportunity and executing on it.  Ascribing the success to the format of his app is disingenuous.

  1. That’s a conservative estimate, based solely on the number of subscribers John Gruber’s Daring Fireball has.  Gruber often links to Arment’s pieces, and he promoted The Magazine to his followers.

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